Shopping with Athena! - Collabor88

Hi everyone and welcome back to Shopping with Athena! 
I don’t know if you saw my Collabor88 post, but this has always been one of my favorite events. I’m a sucker for a good theme (if anyone has ever read Attention, you know this about me). This month’s theme was unusual and I’m certain it was a challenge for the designers:  Bon Appetite!
Well, the designers definitely rose to the occasion. I saw so many cute things, but I’m always a shopper on a mission to find something that I don’t already have in my inventory. The theme all-but-guaranteed that I was leaving with something new.
The first thing that caught my eye was the cute one-piece by Addams. This store went through a phase where it didn’t fit well for the Maitreya body. However, those days are long over. The sexy Priscilla suit fits like a glove and at $188 and 42 colors to choose from, it did not take me long to add this pretty item to my cart.

I also decided on two more items to make this outfit complete. Because, I mean, who goes to a shopping event and doesn’t leave with hair and shoes? Not me, that’s for sure!  Exile stepped up to the plate with a cute hairstyle that I might or might have worn in RL if my younger years. I quickly grabbed Anina in Reds for $288L. Add in these cute, fruity shoes by Pure Poison, the steal of the entire event. The fat pack, THE FATPACK, is only $88L.
I always like to have an alternative look to show you.

Two go-to designers must have collaborated (get it?) in a perfect marriage of their own unique styles into this perfect blend of an outfit. Tetra offers the Mokatana top to go with Ison’s Mokatana skirt. I bought them to match in aqua and I can’t begin to describe how well this fits. The skirt, in particular, has a lovely fold in the front. I’m not sure what led to this partnership, but I hope they do it again.
Finally, if you’ve read my photography blogs, you’ll remember I’ve talked about moving my camera around. I wanted to show you a quick example of what happens when I do that. Remember that first picture? Same model, same outfit, same pose, only the camera is looking at things in a completely different way. 

Always remember, there’s more than one way to look at things. The most direct way may not be the best one. At least not artistically speaking!
Until next time, happy shopping!