Metaverse Fashion Week - Heather Ashford

I had the great experience to be invited as an Attention Magazine Editor to attend the Metaverse Fashion Week. I was asked to participate by a close friend Selene Snowpaw,  who is Miss Metaverse for 2018. While there were shows and workshops all week, I attended the Main Fashion Week Runway Show held on Saturday, September 15th.

It was a huge show I had a great seat and sat with some of my fashion world friends and bloggers. It was so much fun to see so many designers represented in the show. There were some very sexy and exciting fashions. I need to try a few of these new styles for my weekly party events.

This styles ranged from formal gowns to wild space age looks. There were vintage fashion looks and haute couture everywhere you looked. There were shows Monday through Friday night for individual designers. The big Saturday show was full of different designers and styles.

Hundreds of people attended the shows, and I have to say the people watching was part of the fun. The room was full of many famous models, designers, and photographers. Seeing their fashion choices were really part of the overall experience. The Metaverse model group also conducted 4 workshops over the week for both experienced models and people looking to get started in the field.

This gown looked so amazing I had to run out and buy one. I think I cleaned out the entire 
Anastasia store!  Anastasia Mohagany herself could only be described as a goddess. She is so elegant, and her fashions are Haute Couture at its finest.  The models were completely styled with appropriate jewelry and other accessories to complete their looks.

This look had Audrey Hepburn written all over it and is Anastasia Designs /  HHC CoCo Chanel Tribute Ensemble. i just had to have this one too! It is so well made and detailed. I love this hanging in my closet.

The space age designs were so vibrant and colorful from Bakaboo. I stopped by their store later and piked up some kimono styled dresses. I love how these look on me and will do some photos in the near future.

Some of the designers featured during the week were Hawker's House, Ghee, Anastasia Designs, Heth Haute Couture, and Bakaboo. I have to say I got so many great ideas and if you look at my recent retro NYC pic, the idea came straight off the runway.

And the models on the runway were impeccable, so amazingly beautiful and posed beyond belief. I know have an urge to improve my runway skills and give it a go!

I just want to say thank you to the organizers for such a great show and thank you to Selene (the gorgeous one with the crown!) for expanding my fashion perspective. Next time let’s get a group together and grab a limo and go together!

Love Always – Heather Ashford.