Something Extra from Monique LeFry!

I don't know if it is just me, but it certainly feels like day after day, I see more and more girls in second life with that something extra. About a year ago I made the transition myself and I couldn't be happier. As I have heard more than once from people that appreciate a sexy girl with that something extra (can I say cock here? Can I be grown up and mature about it?), in a way, it is like the best of both worlds.

While I have been very happy as the new(old) me, I feel sometimes that fashion hasn't necessarily been at the same level of maturity of the t-girl/femboy/shemale/(insert myriad of terms here) community in SL. Someone who I will just call here K. Cazalet... no no, too obvious. Let's call her Katina C, a little while ago called me a "t-girl zealot", because I like to "represent" all the time. This severely cuts down my access to a decent portion of "mainstream" fashion. All those cute rompers and bodysuits? Nope. Great and detailed jeans and pants and shorts? Sorry. Oh that is a nice dress, wait, have to try the demo to make sure it isn't rigged too tightly around the pelvis and clip into my bulgey underwear.

But to be fair, there has slowly been an increase in designers providing clothing that allows us zealot-girls and others to be ourselves and express the details of our anatomy with our closet. Still there is work to be done as it feels a bit still in a maturation period with designers figuring out how to get the right level of detail and polish on this type of clothing, but we are getting there.

So when I first heard about an event dedicated to fashion for the t-girl/femboi... community, I was thrilled. I unfortunately missed the first installment but the second installment of the Something Extra Fair is in full swing right now. From their very well layed out and detailed website, "The Something Extra Fair (brought to you by Wildstyle Events) is an adult-friendly, kink-positive shopping event and designer showcase focused on femboys and transgirls of all types – the first of its kind!"

Brought to you by the team, again pulled from the website, of Keli, Zoe Willows, and Nihilium, the fair brings together many of the top designers for this genre of fashion. Many of my personal favorites such as Valentine Technologies [V-Tech], MuggleBorn, and Phae Body Works are represented, as well as quite a number of designers I had yet to discover. It was a pleasure to wander around the sim and find many new things, with a number of offerings for both fembois and transgirls. Below are a few outfits I put together, relying on a few of my favorites as well as a new designer (to me) I will definitely be keeping an eye on.

First, all the pictures were taken at the wonderful Gemini sim, filled with lots of great themes and settings for diverse picture opportunities. This is a fun little outfit with a bit of a tongue in cheek pattern and setting for the photo. It was a hot day and my top was really telling me subliminally that I needed a bit of ice cream. Provided by MuggleBorn, the skirt was introduced at this event and the "matching" top with complimentary pattern packs was also made available at the vendor for the event. 
 Skirt: Muggleborn - Chica Skirt
- Introduced at the event
Number of different color packs, and fatpack
Skirt has female, bulge, lifted, and Erect styles, HUD controlled

Top: Muggleborn - Nephthys
- Not new at the event but available there.
Color packs largely match up directly to the same in the Chica packs
Covered and uncovered breast versions, HUD controlled

This next outfit features the new-to-me designer that I will definitely be keeping an eye on, RIOT. Their items are very well built and highly detailed, and while it seems this is early in their transition to making clothing for this community, I am very excited to see what the future holds 

Underwear: RIOT - Nath Strapped Brief
- Individual colors, Fatpack, and pattern pack
waistband, straps, back panel colorable separately

back panel can be made opaque, or 25%, 50%, 75% transparent, or completely turned off.

Finally, we have the latest release from Phae Body Works, who always provides outfits that are highly customizable, both in coloring and textures with many pieces being mod, as well as dynamic outfit adjustments as you can see here. 

Harness bikini: Phae Body Works - Crux
- Single item, that is modifiable
HUD has controls for:
- 6 preset textures, that are all tintable, for the pouch and breast covers
- 4 textures for the rings
- show or hide whole outfit
- full or pulled aside pouch

- covered nipples, exposed nipples, or hide

Thank you so much for reading my (first?) guest blog post on the Attentionista blog, it was a pleasure and an honor to do it and I hope you liked some of the highlights from the second in hopefully a long succession of Something Extra Fairs. Toodles!



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