Faith's faves November 29, 2018

Hi Attentionista's
It's Thursday again and it also happens to be the start of that oh so fun time where many of us start to panic wondering what we're going to be getting our loved ones for the holidays and if not we're dreading the winter as it  creeps in.. so we here want to help you all relax a little and  enjoy this weeks  selection,
As  always  we want to encourage you to keep sending us your pics each week,and remember  that if you wish to submit your pics for Faith's faves to add me Faith Darrow to your Friends and  Family so that I am able to add them to the theme again this week . just random picks that we loved...we here at Attention love  all of your submissions and look forward to seeing what you all  come up with.. Next week we will be starting with Holiday themed pic so whatever you celebrate whether its  Hanukkah, Christmas or something else  we want to see your Submissions. Until then please enjoy this weeks faves