Moni's Musings - Essential Wardrobe (volume 1?)

Buy it once. Buy it twice. Buy it 10 times and you will still have a better investment than Bitcoin. Well.... certainly better than hanging onto those L$'s as an investment. Okay, I wrote those previous two lines a while before the whole market crash thing late last year, so, I guess it makes even MORE sense now.

Taken at Gemini

Today I want to chat a bit about an article of clothing that forms the hardened backbone of my wardrobe. This is the best clothing investment I have made since becoming Moni 2.0. But, really, just take a look at my inventory listing for this bikini set from Valentine Technologies.

OK, now that you have had a chance to pick your jaw up off the floor, please consider what underlies this monstrosity of a single wardrobe item. And no, no need to comment on my lack of an AUBERGINE thong. This item is a nicely designed bikini set from V-Tech that includes both a top for Maitreya and their own flat-chest mod for fembois, and a bottom that comes in multiple sizes of bulge.

What makes this one outfit so essential for my wardrobe is actually a couple of different things. But first, it is important to know a little about me. You see, I have always tried to make my avi look as nice and as "realistic" as possible (I put realistic in quotes, ok?). And that includes representing my something extra in all of my outfits as best as I can.

So the bottoms with the bulge that come from this V-Tech outfit I use... everywhere. What makes them so versatile? First, they are nicely designed with good detail and yet are not overly large, so they work under a good number of well rigged skirts and dresses. Second, and likely most important, is that they are Copy AND Modify. Yep! Modify.

The built-in color set is quite decent, and they can form the basis of many outfits. But where mod really comes in handy is, you can now get any of those great bikinis or lingerie sets built for females, and you can color match these v-tech bikini bottoms and complete a shemale bulgerific outfit!

Taken at L.U.S.T. Beach

The ties on the side can also be turned off to better fit underneath things, which is a great bonus. And the ties and band, and the main bulge panel, can be independently colored if you go into editing and select the appropriate face to color. That is why you see some of the ones in my inventory have been renamed with multiple colors. I have so many because when I color match for an outfit I create a new copy and save that version into the outfit.

So, if you haven't found these already, and you want bulgey undies, make your way over to V-Tech Industries and get yourself the Bulge Bikini Set. You won't be disappointed. And you won't disappoint someone you are getting a little hot with that didn't realize you have a bit more to handle than they thought. It happens!

Till next time, keep representing!


  1. The best times of my SL were wearing those knickers.... So sexy.....

    1. Haha! Hopefully you have more of those times to come. ;-) Thanks for reading!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Heather, and for having me on the blog. Xoxo


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