Moni's Musings - Something Extra 3

Am I too late? Does this shot of my butt make up for it?

UPDATE [1/31]: A notice came out today that the event is being extended to 9:00pm SLT today, Jan 31 2019! So get your butt over there!

I am sure if you have a specific interest in the types of items you might find at Something Extra 3, I am definitely too late. Maybe the event is still going on for those of you that haven't made it over yet (I just checked, it isn't... sigh!) You will just have to try and find these items through the designer stores then, and find them you shall, because there were some really fun items in this edition of the event for the trans community.

In this third edition of the fair, the creators (Keli, Zoe, and Nihilium) reused the sim and layout they had for the very successful winter pop-up event that occurred over the holidays. Don't worry too much if you missed the pop-up event, some of the designers made available their pop-up items at this event as well! Which, if you are just learning about all of this now, I guess you also missed them at this event too. Sorry?

A concise layout that is easy to navigate, the landing point puts you down right in the center where some of the biggest and well known exhibitors have their displays.

Now on to some of the finds I ... err... found, at the event. I am truly excited to see more support for the females with a bit extra from the stunning RIOT. At the fair you can find these wonderful Syrio leggings.

Taken at "Hung" Dickgirls Gym

These come in sizes for Adam, Signature, and Jake for the men, and Freya, Isis, Slink, Hourglass... and umm... oh yeah, Maitreya, of course. Then they have two versions, the Basic and the Detailed, which you can see in the pic above. The detailed version... well, leaves little to the imagination. The fatpack has a special set of autumn colors. I love the detail on all of Riot's items, I wish these had a bit more customization but, I can tell you, they are awesome and do attract some attention. :)

Next up is a designer who specializes in giving you all of the customization options you could want, with their items often being a single option buy, but with multiple base textures and a couple of distinct faces, all of which are mod and that you can color to your heart's content. Of course I am speaking of Phae Body Works.

Taken at Minx Den

These are (aptly) called the Skimpy Shorts. But they are more than shorts, as they also include a matching thong that you can hide if you so choose. As with many PBW items, there are multiple faces on each item that you can select and color as you wish. In the associated HUD you can choose between 3 base colored textures to help with your tinting, and choose whether you want the thong shown or hidden. I remind you, and you can never be reminded of this too often, make a copy before you go mucking around with the shorts. ;)

The final item that I picked up was from a designer that was new to me. Which, you know... exciting! Trinity Clothing had some interesting items to choose from at the fair, but I went with a nice looking harness/bodysuit that has a number of options.

Taken at Gemini. You knew at least one photo was going to be taken here...

Another single purchase, coloring is through the HUD and you have a few single color as well as multi-color options, one of which you can see above. The HUD also allows you to choose whether the harness includes a pouch for your EXTRA, or if you prefer to let things... hang au naturel, as you can also see above. Nicely detailed, it is always useful to have a nicely supportive harness outfit for those times you need to beckon someone in to pay penance. ;-)

That is it for me this time around, hope you enjoyed the fair yourself if you made it over! Otherwise, perhaps this gave you a few options to seek out if you have some money accumulated again in your bank account now that the holidays are well in the rearview.