Faith's Faves for February 7, 2019

Hi Attentionista's
It's that time  of the year again when all thoughts turn to love and lust.. which brings us to  something new for us here at Attention studio.. In honer of  Valentines day  for a limited time only starting on February 14th and running to March 1st Faith's Faves will be  selecting anything and everything love oriented, the sensual, the sexual, the romantic.. We here at Attention studios want to see how you will be celebrating Valentines day..and as  always  we want to encourage you to keep sending us your pics each week,and remember  that if you wish to submit your pics for Faith's faves to add me Faith Darrow to your Friends and  Family so that I am able to add them to the site.. ...we here at Attention love  all of your submissions and look forward to seeing what you all  come up with.. so for now, please enjoy this weeks faves