The Look - Athena Mariposa

The Look

I was at a party last night wearing a really pretty dress by Erratic (available at MP and her mainstore) and I was feeling really good about it. Then Heather Ashford strolls in with her pale blond beauty dressed up in a fierce red dress.
In a word, she looked amazing.

This led me to thinking to a conversation I had been having with friends earlier about the Rule of Threes in photography. I can link you to a million places where you could read more about this from actual photographers, but essentially, you should think of your picture like a grid and your main subject should be in one of the outer thirds along its intersectional lines.

Look at my photo again, this time with a grid over it courtesy of photoshop. You can clearly see that the intersectional lines of the right third of the grid run right through my body, almost at my mid-point. I did not use the grid while shooting, I eyeballed it. Having taken pictures in SL for over four years, I’ve developed a fairly decent eye.

My point?  You can put together the best, hottest look in Second Life, but someone will always do it just a little bit better than you. You can try to blog about that outfit but be let down by a failure to understand some basic photographic principles.

But if you put a great outfit together with a little touch of the Rule of Three, you can create a nice bit of magic.