ZODIAC Event - worth having your eye on - By Violetta

March saw a new Event on the Grid. The Zodiac Event running from the 20th of each month and ends on the 10th of the following month. 

As the name implies one-star sign each month will be the focus. The current event running from the 20th March to the 10th of April is highlighting the Star Sign Aries. 

Aries cannot stand anything dull or boring. The Aries female always exists in a state of love and passion, without that life is meaningless. Aries always like being viewed as strong and confident.

I would like to share with you some exclusive designs from this event - especially for the Aries male or female and decoration of their home.

1  Roxy Chaise Lounge

The Lounge comes with animations pg and adult and singles,  the standard light and the Aries symbol - found at the Zodiac Event.

2    Aries is a form-fitting hairstyle by ICONIC

The Star Sign Aries is from March 21 to April 19. An Aries Mantra is "I'm a stylish, sexy, and charismatic daredevil. Catch me if you can I am worth the catch."

3    Faida dress - Ada

A dress inspired  Ada Wong's outfit in Resident Evil comprising choker with ties flowing at the back, thigh bands and the choice of a plain dress or a decorated dress that has a subtle etched pattern in it. 

The texture of the material of the dress gives a hint of leather.This dress is available in five colors.

4    Aries [Rhude] necklace, Moon in Aries - Gingerfish poses, 

5    Narcisse - 

A delicate lace romper from Narcisse, with a slightly transparent look that has lots of options in the colors. There are 30 colors to choose from and you can color the ribbon and the romper separately.

Gingerfish Poses have made an exclusive set of poses "Moon in Aries", six poses with mirrors and a stand.

6    Juna - Unisex tattoo

I have only touched on some of the great buys at the Aries ZODIAC Event. If you want more information see Strawberry Singh's youtube video of the event that you may like to see. https://strawberrysingh.com/2019/03/20/zodiac-aries-march-2019/

Taxi to the Event - Zodiac: Aries - March 20th - April 10thhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brookhurst%20Cove/64/246/3001

The next Event will be Taurus and then Gemini.

hugs and kisses

Violetta - xx