My new curvier shape! - Changing bodies and other scary things!

I have been kicking around the idea of changing up my body from Maitreya to something curvier. The biggest “complaint “ I have received from people was something like,” You are beautiful, but you are too damn skinny!”

So, I talked to my dearest friend Athena, and she suggested I try the Belleza - Freya body. Which she wears and is just freaking drop-dead gorgeous on her. I looked through my inventory and decided since I had plenty of clothing that I liked that would work with the new body. And, I wasn’t planning to change from my Catwa Catya head, so it seemed like a plan. The Freya system is easy to understand, and I think the hud is superior to the Maitreya in certain areas, such as the alpha, nails, etc. It also has a shape enhancer to uplift in your breasts – two settings!

My second stop was to meet up with an old friend of mine, Nιяα Kнαℓιfα that puts together avis for people and runs a great makeover salon. I told her I wanted to have a full bimbo look and a curvier version of my existing look for my porn and modeling work. She has an amazing avi herself and I have always found her to be extremely sexy!

My final Freya shape using my old Maitreya shape as a guide

I told her, “I put myself in your capable hands!” We went out shopping and she sent me a list of things to buy. The Bimbo look is something way out of my comfort zone, so this was going to be a stretch for me. She was extremely patient with me and suggested a new shape, new skin, new makeup, and nails even a small wardrobe of clothing to make the transformation complete.  

The shape was extremely curvy, the clothing from Moon Elixer and the shoes were stripper platforms. I was really into the fur! And in pink yet! The outcome was amazing. I test drove the body at my usual clubs and my messages were swamped with all kinds of requests! Thank you, Nιяα!

The gorgeous makeover and shape by my dear friend Nira

I then took the Bimbo shape, then worked with my existing Maitreya shape to come up with acceptable new shape to use in my porn and modeling work. Yes, I will keep my stick figure Maitreya body for those old fashion skinny tall supermodel shoots. But I have to say I personally LOVE the new look! Athena gave me some advice on my lower torso, butt, and legs. It really made the difference. I kept the "bimbo shape" curvy, but not too extreme. In fact, I could not make the Frey numbers as busty as the Maitreya or it looked extreme. Which is ok for some, but it is not my style. This new body will work fine for my retro and rockabilly looks I love.

Another great look of the Nira makeover and shape.

Not everything that I love in my closet comes in the Freya shape. More and more designers are making items for the Freya body. I have had some issues with older Belleza appliers that do not work on Freya at all. And I am not all that happy with the hands. I know, it seems picky, but when you are doing photos it matters. I will look into a secondary solution. So if you are thinking about changing up your body – do it. But my advice is to call a friend like  Nιяα Kнαℓιfα , none of this would have worked for me without some help, except extreme frustration! 

Thank you Nira and Athena. I love you both! - Heather XOXOOX

Moon Elixir Moon Elixir x MUSE - Lovestruck - Freya - Corset / Pantie / Stockings

 Credits Nira Look:

Panties - Mossu - Angelic.Panties - Freya - White
Coat - Moon Elixir x MUSE - Expensive Taste - Freya - Coat
Shoes - Phedora ~ Dani heels ~ belleza
Necklace - Gulabi - Sitara Choker - Freya
Hair - .:JUMO:.Salma Hair Fatpack Lolas
Eyes - Catwa Appliers  AG. Dramatic Eyes - Catwa Applier - Pond
Lipstick - [MJM] Pink 
Eyeliner - *Booty's Beauty* Catwa Eyeliner ~ Slick Hud 
Eyelashes - Bossie - flirty eyelashes for Catwa
Nails - Freya Body 
Nails Polish - Astralia - Compatible nails system (Belleza Lipstick base)
Eyebrows - Avada *Sinful Curves* Eyebrows in Refined Light Brown
Head - Catwa Catya
Body - Belleza Freya
Skin - L'Etre - Dulcet Skin [Golden Tone]
Shape - Savannah
Phone - Vista Esther Bento AO 

Windlight - Heather Washout / Retro 
Lighting - LumiPro - 2018
Anypose - mine 
Lightroom Preset - Contrastly Agfa Vista Plus 800 Aged


  1. Haha! You look gorgeous! I went through the same transition last week! :-D I love my new Freya look. :) All is not well though when it comes to some of my essential t-girl fashion unfortunately so, I will likely still need to use my Lara shape for some things. Enjoy!

  2. All of you, welcome to the Freya dark side!


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