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Bratty Is The New Black

Hi Again!
Don’t we all just love our events! And while at the latest Equal 10 event, I came across the Rebel Pill stand featuring her latest offering, the ‘Savage Brat Collection’.
For me it was one of the stand out items at the event. All at the same time I found it cute, sexy, colourful and perfectly made. I was very impressed.

The collection features the sweetest top, a sexy panty/skirt combo, gorgeous stockings, cool sunglasses and a super cute lollipop. Available in an amazing amount of colours sold separately or grab the fatpack to mix and match. Fatpack’s also have a bonus colour HUD 

The seemingly endless colour combinations are great fun from any angle.

The Sunglasses are HUD controlled as too the Lollipop which also features animated poses.

The skirt is detachable from the panties

‘Unbehaved School Girl’ was another of Rebel Pill’s outfits I bought.
It’s sexy and adorable.
Featuring a skirt/panty combo that you’re able to wear separately as well as HUD’s for the skirt’s belt and Panty colours.

The shirt has 2 versions included. A crop top and an exposed version. It also has an exposed bra included. Both able to wear separately. You’ll be amazed by all the ways you can mix the shirt up with the trim colour HUD.

The panties sold with the skirt and the bra sold with the shirt are totally HUD driver, meaning, you can choose any colour you’d like them to be regardless of the set colour you bought. The string and the bow can be changed too so it basically means, this is the only underwear you will ever need. I’m joking of course, we all know you can never get enough shopping for underwear but these should at least be in every girl’s collection.

I’ve really enjoyed making the pics and blog for Rebel Pill and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.
Find the Savage Brat Como at Equal 10
… and the Unbehaved School Girl on Marketplace

Kisses, Simone