Moni's Musings - Designer spotlight on LV Designs

Hot Top and Skirt - taken at Gemini 

So yeah, I will admit it. Since I moved to the Belleza Freya body, I am a bit of a whore for the Push-up look. OK.. ok, fine. You got me. It was actually one of the motivations to make the transition in the first place. But can you really blame me? It is just, a ton of fun. And with the right outfit it can be a real killer look.

Which is why I was truly ecstatic to have found LV Designs.


Lee Valentine, the designer here, seems to have read my mind for what I truly want. If you peruse her MP, you will find a wide array of stylish and sexy clothing that is largely purpose built for the Freya Push-up body. Of course, Maitreya Lara is also included because hey, who doesn't want to make lindens? But these outfits really pop (out) on the push-up Freya body. She also includes the female shapes in the bulgey clothing that she makes which is real icing on the cake.

Above you will see the Hot Top and Skirt; a top and skirt that fit seamlessly together to almost look like one dress item. This gives you flexibility to wear them separately with other items if you like. While not shown, the skirt fits VERY snug in the back and really highlights those posterior curves. As with most items from LV, you can buy it in two separate multi-color packs, Regular bold colors or Pastel colors.

Savannah Corset - taken at Backdrop City

What is a push-up look without a stunning corset? LV Designs has you "covered" with a few options, but above you have the Savannah Corset. Again, in Freya push-up and Lara sizes, and the two color packs, each incorporating 10 different colors, regular or pastels. What is nice with this corset is that it also has two different options, one with a looser back, since it comes quite far down in the rear. This will hopefully allow you to wear it over higher riding bottoms than my tarty shorties I have on here.

Vampira Bikini - taken at Gemini

And finally, what is the point in having a nice set of torpedo boobs and not being able to take them to the beach? LV Designs has a number of spectacular swimsuits available, but shown here is the Vampira Bikini. Not one to get overly caught up with the laws of physics, I took this bikini to the beach, confident that my boobs would stay tight and contained within the thin strips of material and well, let's just say this bikini attracts attention. No need to repeat myself again but... two color packs, Lara and Freya Push-up, etc.

I just have to also give a shout out to Savannah Mohegan (namesake for the corset?), the model you see in most of the MP ads for LV designs. She really was an inspiration for my switch to the Belleza Freya body, and is also a small Flickr crush of mine. Oops, I hope that won't make it through editorial.

Anywho, that's it for me and this titacular blog post. Hope you enjoyed!

Till next time!
Kisses and licks,