Wild thing.....

Whore couture opens on the 1st of March 2020,  and Sexy Princess has this uber-sexy Wild Lust Lingerie Set,  available as an event exclusive. The outfit comprises of hotpants with cutout bra and nipple caps which can be worn or not as you choose.  It also comes with garter and tights. 

The fabric used is a very provocative leopard print with black trim. This outfit has certainly got my wild side roaring and the animal in me set free. 

Lets set the scene and the mood -  Its a warm African summer night with a gentle breeze,  windows and doors wide open, the lights turned off, a soft candle glowing and sounds of cicadas and crickets in the distance, the gentle smell of jasmine wafting in through the windows and some good soft music playing in the background. 

You stand by the window enjoying this all when your partner gently walks up behind you and starts nibbling your neck and whispers softly in your ear ..... You wild woman tonight you are mine ...

You can have this and more if you make your way over to The Whore Couture Fair and grab this sexy set ... It's sure to bring out the animal in you, and your partner too. 

Hugs and Squishes 

Get this look - 

[Sexy Princess] Wild Lust Lingerie Set - The Whore Couture Fair 

Doux  - Pink Hairstyle 

#187# Princess Hoop @ Flourish Feb 23- March 15th, 2020


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