Civitas Series - City Villa

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Second Life is full of possibilities and wonderous things. Being part of this amazing virtual world you have probably came across a group of people that call themselves role players.
In Second Life you can be whom ever you choose to be, some people choose to build complete lives, stories and characters. 
In order to do it right you need all the essentials, like role players fashion, sims and of course you'll need furniture and buildings that will give that special something to your role playing. 
Today I'm presenting to you a special designer and builder well know in role playing community - DEL-KA AEDILIS.

They are specialized in low-prim, well textured, beautiful builds in gorean and ancient greek or roman settings.
Being roleplayers themselves you can be sure that they know exactly what you need.

In the pic you can see detail from building in Civitas Series - City Villa.
More pics of this amazing series you can find HERE.

✦✦ DEL-KA-AEDILIS - Civitas Series - City Villa - available @ Mainstore ✦✦
↔️ Medium sized city villa, suitable for various role playing settings, especially ancient Rome, Central Gor or GoT
↔️ The design corresponds to a classical Roman domus or praetorium in a legionary camp
↔️ falling rain in atrium
↔️ 16 x 16 footprint
↔️ LI 76
↔️ copy, mod.

👉  in the pic shown falling rain feature in atrium