“Feeling nothing at all But an icy darkness Instead of my usual warmth. Whatever happened to The holy angel I used to be… You took everything away from me. From my lock and key memories That you sharpened And continuously used against me… Down to the pure white wings… That I use to wear so sacredly Who knew that Eventually I would encounter the devil himself”

And here we are with some new amazing releases by RAWR! and along with it Leven Ink Tattoo, Great Men’s legging by RL fashion.

RAWR! Abbadon Wings  & RAWR! Attitude Adjustor are something to look out for, currently available in RAWR! mainstores.

Tattoo by Leven Ink was exclusive in Hydra Original was exclusive for fetishfair but now available in Leven Ink mainstore.

RL fashion has got some amazing mens leggins and are currently available in their RL fashion mainstore.

Amsy –

  1. RAWR! Abbadon Wings 
  2. RAWR! Attitude Adjustor
  3. RAWR! Fiend Horns
  4. RAWR! Odin’s Shield Necklace
  5. RAWR! Melted Halo (wear me)
  6. Leven Ink Tattoo – Hydra Original
  7. RL The Men’s Leggins
  8. Vango. Robbie
  9. Oxydate. [Eclipse] Eye
  10. IDTTY Faces – Deep Marks
  11. L’Emporio::*Damned Claws & Rings*::
  12. Signature Body –Gianni-
  13. LeLUTKA Skyler Head 2.0
  14. —PUMEC  – / Mesh Ears \   –  Rebel
  15. Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡