Warrior Heart

 Warrior Heart

„Silence is everywhere, cold, the voices of death
Even the birds forgot how to sing
Struggling for one last breath
How could I be so disgustingly blind?
Emotions are always the same
We’ve grown up apart, we lived separate worlds
But day and night live together and tamed“

Warrior Heart

[VSM] Warrior Heart Pose
unisex single pose
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We<3Role-Play Event TP

We  Role-Play is a monthly shopping event catering mainly,
but NOT solely, to role-players.
It was the first and original monthly event on this scale
and so far is the most successful one still.

(Text: We<3Role-Play)

OCTOBER Shopping Guide

Jinx : Baby Bear Bento Avatar
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[GTS] Barbaria Staff
Compatible with ZCS, GM, GLM, ML, DCS, DCS2, WARPS, Honor Meter and any other safe zone meter.


Unisex Headdress in different colors

We<3Role-Play Event TP


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