Wood Nymph



Claw & Sword Arms - cinphul wolfbane

Hair - [monso] Akali2 Hair

Wings & Moths - {egosumaii} Moth Demon Horns

Eyes - -Elemental- Eerie Animated Eyes Fatpack

Skirt, Arm & Leg Vines - Trinity Leaves of Time Outfit

Skin & Ears - Ritual (MP only) Elspeth Fantasy Tone Duo Estha & Osha

Body - Maitreya Mesh Body Lara (with Petite Add-On)

Head - Genus Project Strong Face W001


Backdrop - (Fundati) RedWood Scenery

Dead Trees - Hayabusa Design Fairy Style (Gift)

Lighted Trees - Kalopsia Nyx's Tree

Ferns & Mushrooms - The Black Forest / Warbug Forest Builder's Pack

Pose created by for this scene Daimaju Clowes


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