Sinners, Every One of Us



Tattoo - Juna Bonny Tattoo exclusive @ the Fetish Fair Feb 14 - Feb 28 


Nipples - ~LittleFish~ Mesh Nipple

Nun Wimple - ADN Valak (come with full nun costume)

Crosss (Mouth) - *PKC* Gothic Cross Mouth Jewel

Rosary (Neck) - (N.A.M.E.) (SF) *Rosary* Black Onyx

Nails - .:Avanti:. Byzzy Nails

Stockings - *Beautiful Dirty Rich* Just A Rebel Slink Stockings

Bangs - TRUTH VIP Bangs Collection

Monokini - +MuggleBorn+ MiniBikini

Eyeshadow - LUXREBEL All Out Eyeshadow

Lipstick - LUXREBEL I'm the Catch Lipsticks


Lingerie - +Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter

Bed - <:*BoOgErS*:> Fancy Bed Plum Cream

Dildo - BWish Dildo Vibrator 6 Colors

Cross - Dervish Feaver Circle of Eternity Cross

Nightstand - Rocket-Powered Creations Classic Nightstand Cherry

Bookcase - LISP Mesh Jacob Bookcase

Backdrop - La Otra Puerta Backdrop Window Street

Pose & Clamp - *!R.O!* Reve Obscura Clamp Bento Pose with Mesh Clothespin