" I am here inside these glowing pixels, Come with me beyond the mystery for just a moment now.. Move closer to the center feel the power of life transcending space and time.. An infinite connection lives forever deep inside your mind the essence of our being does not fade or die. It knows the truth and does not lie all this i can tell for i have seen the light. "

Animosity // Ring Light Pose Pack w/Props - So everyone looking for the #RingLightChallenge ! Animosty brings up the ring light poses with pack, With Purchase you get a black out windlight. 6 Poses. 6 Ring lights for each pose already positioned for you. A flood light. A rim / edge light. Butterly light Everything included is modifable so that you can change it to the colors you want. Comes with a directional notecard as well. Get your set at the Mainstore.

Normandy // Hydrox.Earrings - These awesome earrings are available at the Mainstore. included in your purchase will be two HUDs. the main texture HUD and customize HUD. The customize HUD is for convenience. All Normandy products are copy/mod. The customize HUD functions as a hud for tinting, adjusting opacity, full bright, glow levels.