Extreme Tattoo @ The Mainstore
Upper body tattoo with 3 shades, Fresh, Worn and Faded
Musashi Head Tattoo @ The Mainstore
Exclusive for Lelutka EvoX Heads
Beautiful oriental style head tattoo  with 3 shades, Fresh, Worn and Faded
Includes bonus hairbase (NOT SHOWN)
Warrior Punch Outfit @ The Mainstore
Beautifully details fantasy style Outfit.
Leather strapped top, waist bag and pants. In Brown and Black
Bodies: AE, Jake, Legacy, Gianni
Halfdan Axe @ The Mainstore
Fully scripted weapon.
R-evolutions Melee: ONLY 16KB RAM
What make GTS different?
- All commands WORK also in private channel.
- The best perfomance in LAG
- Great collision ability in the most critical LAG conditions;
- An extraordinary shooting precision;
- Zero drawing time in all situations;
- Custom sounds for Draw, Sheath and hit (3 hits sounds);
- Much more....
My Nails Graphic Glass @ The Darkness
Glass event bento nails, unisex, Fatpack texture HUD
Maitreya, Legacy m/f, jake, Gianni and Inithium
Thief Gloves @ ManCave
Archer style gloves for upper and lower arms, can be worn separately
Legacy, Jake and Gianni.
Hikaru Rings, Destiny Nose Chain, Odin Necklace all
The Mainstore

Legacy Body, Lelutka Dean EvoX Head, Emotions Hair, Magnificent Drogo Beard,