Carmen Body
Sizes Reborn, Kal, Kupra & Kuprs, Legacy Original & Perky, Maitreya
Warmth Mini
Sizes Freya, Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Perky, Petite, Reborn.
Tatiana and Bella Pose Packs
Poses for curvy girls, each set with 5 poses plus mirrored versions.

Abundant Hairstyle
Curly shoulder length middle parting style
Radiant Hairstyle
Side parting, longer length full bodied style
Basic back includes 2 Head Sizes and 4 Chest Sizes
Materials/Full Bright/Glow/135 Colours
Style Pack includes 4 styles and customizable colour change for Accessories.

 Alexa Tippy Toe Heels @ eBody Event
Gorgeous platform heels with a tiptoe effect.
Comes in two basic packs and fatpack with bonus colors.
Sizes: Belleza, Reborn, Inithium, Legacy & Maitreya

Decorated Fireplace on Market Place and in the Mainstore
Every room needs a focal point and a marble fireplace is the ultimate luxury and refinement. Xplicit Fireplace will sit perfectly in any home. It is the statement of style which can be quiet opulence, classic beauty or lavish indulgence.

Accessories are unlinked to allow you to freedom to place them as you wish.
 ►The set includes ◄
FIREPLACE (5 prims LI), Fire on/off: Touch the log to turn the fire on, listen for the crackling of the wood as it burns, Texture Menu: Touch the Fireplace to gain access to the texture menu. There are options to change the textures of various accessories, Resizer: Resize the Fireplace on the X, Y and Z axis, LOG (1 land impact), POKER STAND (1 land impact), STACKED BOOKS (1 land impact), CANDLESTICKS: Tall, medium and short (1 land impact each), 2 PICTURE FRAMES with modification permission (1 land impact each), VASE & FLOWERS (2 land impact), ALARM CLOCK (3 land impact), MIRROR & FRAMES with modification permission (1 land impact)