" Heading for more danger. Putting leaders in anger. There are always two sides of the story. So which, if any is the real story? Greed is upon us. Like were caught in a web with something poisonous. One day I hope we see greed for what it really is. It is just an obscene risk. "

!R! // .B.W. Mechaneer Beret + Scars - A collaboration between !Reliquary! and .BroadWing. Unrigged mesh accessary with bonus face wounds and scars scripted texture change 7 fabrics and 8 badges. Toggleable medallion, badge, leather net and band.

AsteroidBox. // Albian Shirt - Fitted for Belleza Jake – Legacy Male - Maitreya Flat – V-Tech, 8 color options available. Single packs include plain, gold and silver design work options for the main shirt & sleeves, with the option to change the front / back of the shirt and the sleeves individually. Fatpack includes all color options, with the option to mix & match color options with the front / back of the shirt, plus the plain, silver and gold options for each part.

Normandy // Hydrox.Earrings - These awesome earrings are available at the Mainstore. included in your purchase will be two HUDs. the main texture HUD and customize HUD. The customize HUD is for convenience. All Normandy products are copy/mod. The customize HUD functions as a hud for tinting, adjusting opacity, full bright, glow levels.

[AYO] // Bizhang - Amazing arm leather comes with HUD for color changes to the likes, Compatible with Jake - Legacy - Legacy/ATHELETIC. 

[-] NANAO / Face Harness - These Face Harness are NO rigged mesh, with copy/modify permissions. Available in 2 set, one set with 6 colors and silver metal, and one set with 6 colors and black metal. Colors available on each set , Black, Pink, Green ( Alien ), Red, Nude, Purple ( UNISEX ITEM.) ♀️♂️.

La Plume // .collection Felix - This awesome male collection is must to have, A bundle of 7 male poses comes with stand HUD as well with the purchase. 

UNHOLY // Halimaw Claws and Rings - Halimaw Claw and Rings Set 8 Claw/Nail Textures and Colors 4 Ring Leather Textures Ring Hide and Full Bright Option *Rigged for: Legacy M & F, Belleza Jake & Freya, Kupra, Gianni, Maitreya.

::TOKI:: // Bruised n Grazied ::lel Evo X BOM:: - BOM layers and only for Lel EVO X. Comes with 6 version of layers for your desirable look.